SUIR - Ater

Nobody believes me now but I used to be a goth. Long hair, dark coat, gloomy face. "Dahkness and misehy." To be honest at that time I was more into dark varieties of rock and metal but on number of gothic parties in my home city I was introduced to dark wave. It was like a bliss. Samplers and computers as a main instruments. Trippy and groovy. Then I forgot about dark genres for about fifteen years. Until I came across this.

SUIR is a Frankfurt based duet of Denis Wanic and Lucia Seiß. Formed just year ago they already established their position on home scene and played some successful gigs on number of festivals. Next week they'll release their debut album. Ater is a collection of strange mixture of dark wave with some, well maybe not energy but this creative post punk chaos. Creative cause everything here is build on it and even if you might have a feeling that nothing here has any structure it is actually well considered. Quite often music slows and calms down so much it turns into creepy dark ambient.  Trying to close these two into a one box is simply impossible as clearly they doesn't want to be in any. Since the first listen I had one thought in my head though. "Everything here is monochromatic." It's almost synesthetic impression but everything here seem to be black and white. Like a photograph with lots of noises, SUIR observations are similar, dark and melancholic. 

I love when release fits to the music and Ater is a perfect example of what I really mean by this. Well first of all LP is white in a black inner sleeve in a white cover with a black and white pictures on it. Second of all record isn't perfectly white. If you'll look at it to the light you'll see actual imperfect structure of the material used for the pressing. It looks like a watercolor paint dissolved in a water in a beautiful chaotic way. Then there are two inserts in it. It's a cover picture but one as a negative. Fits in a same perfect way. You could reverse the whole coloring of the artwork it will still fit. In a similar way, by a mistake I discovered something amazing. I change speed of the platter on my turntable by changing belt on a pulley. I forgot to do that after listening previous record and I played Ater at 45rpm. Sounded same good. Bit different but not as funny as you might suspect, even vocals weren't ridiculous. Same as you could reverse coloring, you could change the speed. Still fits.

LP will be released by Black Verb Records. Most of small labels has a problem with quality of final product but not here. Every detail is perfect. Disc sounds great, way more organic than digital version, matt cover is super neat. Ater will be limited to 250 copies. 200 whites and 50 exclusives available on concerts only. Hurry up and get pre-order before it'll be all gone. 

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