Russian Girlfriends/Rock Jong Il - Split

I kinda like the idea of Splits. Sometimes is good to remind about yourself on the local scene with couple of fresh songs. Even better is to find buddies from other band to put some of their stuff on other side. That will make records sideless. There is no A or B. That makes Splits special.

Russian Girlfriends

Russian Girlfriends (I love the name too) formed in 2014 by lads with loads of music experience. Ex members of Koffin Kats were missing drummer. They found him in a person of Sasha Horn, previous member of doom metal masters Novembers Doom. Band quickly gets positive reviews for attention to details, technical skills of all musicians, and brilliant lyrics of vocalist Adam Hooks. Addictive melodies mixed with powerful thick punky riffs won them many fans around the States.

Rock Jong Il
Rock Jong Il also from Albuquerque New Mexico are a bunch of old rockers who decided to create a band. Better late than never. With their truly old school style they conquered local scene presenting energy and power teenagers could only envy. Debut album "Dictators of rock" (...now I get the name!) is a cocktail of classic almost retro punk metal we already forgot about. 

Few days after premiere of Rock Jong Il's debut album Orange Whip Records released Split 7" of those two gangs. Side RG with super cool tarantula on a cover! Two tracks, their own "Antidote", punk version of a love song wit tricky lyrics and a cover of Dave Hernandez "All My Friends Are Ghosts". Both songs are full of catchy melodies. RJI side is bit less melodic but way more energetic. Also two tracks here "Snuft" and "Super Collider".

7" was released in three versions. Basic black, red and white. I got white and it's super neat. Cover sleeve is made with high quality paper, prints are deadly too. Disc itself is pressed ideally. Labels are designed beautifully. Great attention to details especially on 7"!!
Orange Whip Records is just starting on the cruel market of music show business but with this attitude they'll be fine. Well done! They also repressed Russian Girlfriends first album  "All Around". Split is a brilliant moment to refresh that piece and get it before   bands become the hottest stuff on rock scene and reach European market!

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