Alexander Ringbäck - Punkt

I remember when I was a kid I started listen to music, I discovered on my father's amplituner I was able to press simultaneously "radio" and "phono" buttons. I was pretty sure I was broadcasting. Playing some of my father's records, I was talking to desk lamp as a microphone and announcing over and over again "SOS" by ABBA. SOS was basically the only word I understood, that's why. Time flies! Few things haven't changed. I still like vinyl records and I still like to announce bands. So now, for you especially, also from Sweden, Alexander Ringbäck and his latest album: Punkt!

I still like an idea of not understanding lyrics. Somehow this way songs are about anything they could be in a same time. Music speaks itself. So since the first track we're getting acoustic folk rock in a Swedish way we know best from Jose Gonzalez for example. I don't mean Alexander tries to copy anyone, you just clearly can say both artists are from a same country. I was always so fascinated about Scandinavian music for this simple reason. It might be reggae, metal, pop, folk or minimal techno, since first note you just know it's from north of the Europe. And it might be even in english. 
Punkt is sung in Swedish though. Only track title which makes some sense for me is "Fuck Denmark". When I contacted Alexander he insist to send me a copy of his album after he'll finish translating them to english. I agreed as if artists want you to check the lyrics so much it means he's very proud of them. Well, he should. I've listened to the album few times before I got the translations and then few times with the english version in front of me and they are probably even better than I imagined. Alexander sings about the world but not in a way you or me would see it. From his specific point of view in a poetic way. Some of the songs are darker than others, some are more bluesy but they're all connected with that specific melancholic Gothenburg style and amazing Alexander's voice. He sings through emotions. Result is stunning, doesn't matter is it in Swedish, maybe it even helps? Makes it bit more real as it's exactly what Alexander is trying to tell us, in his own language. Whole album is very comfortable and cosy if you understand what I mean. It's ideal for a long cold night, with fire on fireplace and a mug of tea, maybe with rum? 

Punkt was released on vinyl as a simple black record. I like when one side of the label has just a picture on it. So instead of having singer's photography on the sleeve we got it on a record's label. Printed inner sleeve with lyrics in Swedish but you can request from artist english version of it. You can also request CD version in it if you don't have a record player. That's nice. Super simple cover itself and probably the most minimalistic back cover I've ever seen but do I need more? I got the songs and something to read. I need a tea now. And rum.

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