Tangent - Collapsing Horizons

Ambient albums are like soundtracks to non-existing movies. They're a paradox also. Brian Eno, father of ambient, discovered that you can listen to music in a different way, as a background to every day activities. And you can. However to get all the emotions, all the beauty of ambient you need to focus, you need to wear headphones and relax. Otherwise it's just a background. 

Tangent is a Dutch duet of Ralph van Reijendam and Robbert Kok. Both have previous experience in metal music, which influenced their electronic albums with dark atmosphere. In their work they like to combine traditional instruments with sounds made by computers. Lads release three albums so far "1mk2", "Transience" and latest one I'm spinning right now - "Collapsing Horizons".

I love ambient albums names. It's like artists are trying to explain unexplainable by sounds. "The Sound of Lights When Dim", "Music for Airports", "An Empty Bliss Beyond This World". Tangent is taking us for a trip also. A trip to a dying world. 
This is how I imagine myself the end of our planet. It's quiet. There would be sub base sound of tectonic plates breaking half somewhere underneath our feet. There would be background noise of lava overfilling gaps in the ground. There would be quiet cracking sound of woods burning. But there wouldn't be screaming. I live in Ireland and my regular job require me to travel across the country and believe me Ireland has beautiful horizons. Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Wicklow Mountains. Now imagine the world is ending and whole island starts to collapse. I wouldn't scream. I would look speechless at the beautiful changes of horizon. It would be scary and beautiful in a same time like a storm. Like if at some point of maximum danger you're not afraid anymore.

And this is what "Collapsing Horizons" are. Dark, terrifying, disturbing and in a same time calming, quiet and weirdly relaxing. I love these post metal projects of old metal heads who're looking for new sounds. Since Ulver's "Shadows of the Sun" musicians are disproving what my mum used to say, "that's no music!" You can definitely hear these influences here, with some structure, with atmosphere and with this weird passive aggressive rage. Ambient is like a soundtrack to non-existing movie. "Collapsing Horizons" would be directed by Christopher Nolan.

Album was released by n5MD label from Oakland as a beginning of future collaboration. I can't not mention this, it's issued marvelous. You could get it as CD (you can't anymore, it's all gone) or as a vinyl in two options. Transparent blue with white or transparent with white splatters. Both looks stunning. I got transparent with splatters and I love it. Records like these gives collectors sleepless nights. Disc itself is made with much attention to details, thick and heavy, pleasant in touch. Cover printed on high quality paper, print itself also super high quality, thanks God as artwork is amazing. simple back, simple black inner sleeve. No pictures of musicians. There is nothing more I'd ask for really. Who needs more? World is dying. Horizons are collapsing. Look.

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