Bounty Island - Forbidden Dance 7"

I said it already, everything is retro now. New season of  Twin Peaks, super popular Stranger Things coming soon, indie rock albums, stoner metal bands. I'm really fine with it. It's quite fair to say there was everything in music already, it's hard to find new sound, so why not refresh old ones? So we got loads of vintage records. "Forbidden Dance" isn't just vintage. This is the most true old school I've seen ever. And it's brilliant!

Bounty Island is a band from Maastricht, six lads assembled for one purpose, to bring an eclectic mix of everything weird and poppy, straight from Fiji. Two years after releasing self titled LP they came back with 7" EP "Forbidden Dance", and God... I haven't seen anything this retro in my whole life. They said this issue is "sexy and funky". It is. I was lucky enough to get it by post on one of the hottest days in Ireland this summer. This music is hot like a night on a tropical island. It's funky like a party underneath bower on a beach when you slowly getting drunk with cocktails served in a coconut.  And it is as sexy as all bikini girls dancing on this party. EP contain two track, one each side. "Hot Marijke"  written by Bounty Island, funky seven minutes long love song on A side  and London Beat's cover "I've been thinking about you" on the other. I forgot this song ever existed! Lads refreshed it beautifully, gave it even more tropical spark and some of modern sound. 

First twenty presses were gold with glitters, others are simply black, and even though I probably would like to posses gold I must say black is so true! 7" with a large old fashioned hole in a middle. Simple labels. White inner sleeve. And now the best. Outer sleeve. Not really a sleeve, just a cover folded in half. Color print of exotic naked girl on it. If you'll look closer you'll see it was screen printed! C'mon! Back has just monochromatic pictures in red. Pictures of girls in swimsuits on a beach and muscled guys. And a sport car obviously. But it's not all yet. Issue contains a poster, made by screen print as well and there is even young Arnie on it showing his huge biceps!

I'd love this little seven inch even if the music would be totally crap. But it isn't. It's way less psychedelic than debut album. At the first sight only. As deeper you're getting in is less cheesy and more disturbing in that trippy, narcotic way. And somehow still staying great party tune! It's a must have of any collection! Not only my favorite 7" but one of my favorite vinyl ever! Classic!

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