Les Lignes Droites - Les Humains

Well, I am an ignorant. Doesn't matter how much I try, whenever I hear french language used in a song I automatically think about Edith Piaf or Jacques Brel. I know... I know... The problem is most of well known french artists are singing in english and so I can't really change my stereotype. Or can I?

I love France, I learned french in high school for few years which is enough to ask for directions or to buy a cheese. I love Paris and it's specific atmosphere and I don't mean romantic bullshit tourists get trapped by so often. But I don't know Paris from the side Les Lignes Droites are trying to show me. It's dark, misty yet weirdly pleasant. I am an ignorant and it is time to change it.

Photo Nicolas Remia

Les Lignes Droites are four piece band from France capitol city and Les Humains is their first LP, released last November. Since the intro track "La Machine" you know it won't be merry music. Even though melancholy is quite typical for post rock bands there is something almost disturbing here. How lads are mixing electric guitars with electronics. How they are building a wall of sound with almost no sound used. How vocals are creating atmosphere and how french language fits here so perfectly. I had to refresh my french a bit. I'm sill not good enough to get all the poetry behind those lyrics but I can't imagine myself project titled as "The Straight Lines - Humans". I hate the fact that every artist must have english version of the album for international listener. No. Get Les Humains on vinyl and listen. You don't know french? That's fine. Listen to "Les Humains", "Apocalypse", "Des Corps S'unissent" and try to imagine yourself what they are about. You'll get band emotions anyway. Cause Les Humains album is all about emotions. Then you'll just browse for french classes online and after few months you'll be able to understand Les Lignes Droites.

Photo Marion Ruszniewski

Les Humains were released on vinyl and as digital version. Covered with complex pattern of lines on beige background. That's it, nothing more. Back of the cover has track list. White inner sleeve with black record in it, simple labels. Minimalism. No names of the musicians, no lyrics, no pictures. Cover seem to suggest we'll get more inside but no, that's it. Might be a bit disappointing really but it just enlarge total impression of the music itself. Nothing is important anymore as long as you can hear it. And somehow it doesn't sound like Brel anymore! I'm cured! Merci!

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