Sons of Morpheus - Nemesis

What would you think about if I'd say "Switzerland"? I'm far from trying to get any stereotype answers, belive me. When we say "metal" we think about Sweden or Germany, when we say "rock" it's always UK. We forgot that country of banking, watches and cheese is a home of most extraordinary and innovative metal and rock bands like Celtic Frost, Samael, Krokus and now worriors from Eluveitie. Bands which influenced whole heavy music world.
Sons of Morpheus are not innovative but they are extraordinary.

Nemesis is a second studio album of trio from Basel and it doesn't bring anything new to the music. Is it bad? Is it boring? Hell no! This is an anthem to all classic masters like Cream, Jimmi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin with few early grunge influences too. Lads made a big step since their first LP from 2014. There is way less blues here, more super catchy, groovy riffs, more atmosphere, and most importantly, way more pure fun! As for sound of guitars and overall atmosphere we could blame the co-producer of the album, David Weber who once helped develop dark sound of industrial legends The Young Gods, then pure fun is clearly band contribution. You can hear how chill and relaxed they were recording this piece. With the opening song "Black Knights" we get a punch in a face with the epic blues rock riff. Super energetic stuff! It is like a invitation to open yourself a beer, sit and enjoy. "Down", "Free Soul", "Cage", they're all quintessences of rock! With "Amanita Muscaria" album is slowing down a bit, it's more psychodelic and bluesy yet still so groovy! Band describe itself as a "rock band, totally". I'd go further. It is a madafuckin' rock band. Whenever you think "rock band" you hear these sounds in your head! This is how rock band should sound like. These are heirs of legendary swiss Krokus!

Nemesis was released as CD and double LP. You have to get vinyl version even just to have this kick ass cover in a larger copy! This is how rock album cover should look like! It was printed on high quality matt paper so gatefold is super thick and heavy and give that nice impression of what we'll find inside. Two heavy records in a white inner sleeves. Discs has some sharp edges and they're quite big though. Seem like press plant did not cut them enough. Maybe it's my copy only but I'm afraid records may damage this stunning gatefold with time and it is annoying whenever I try to close the lid of my turntable. They sound gorgeous though and you may have different turntable so who cares? Inside we got picture of the band and lyrics. All release is very neat. 
Model example of rock stuff. Brilliant album!

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