HELMUT - o u r w a l l s

When you think of German male name, you think of Helmut. I was confused as well, as Helmut's name isn't Helmut. He lives in Berlin as Helmut should, he creates music with strong electronic influences as German musician should. But his name isn't Helmut. It's actually Adrian.

Sometimes I like to say album is "tasty". It's when it isn't much surprising, life changing or exquisite but it is simply faultless and perfectly exact. "o u r w a l l s" is a very consistent and even for an album with such many influences and different threads. It's also minimal and somehow ascetic. You won't be overwhelmed with unnecessary sounds or vocals. Adrian gave us super balanced piece of music with great although modest melodies and massive amount of hypnotic groove. Hypnotic, intimate and very personal.

There is absolutely nothing I would like to change in this album, no fault beat, no overexposed time, it's very considered. Like a nice classic dish, tasty from the first bite till the last one. None of ingredients overpowers the whole taste, all works together as a whole. Guitars, beats, wubs, loops and vocals. Very tasty album.

Record was released on CD and as a limited edition 180 gram double LP. Adrain told me vinyl edition isn't much special, plain and boring. He's wrong. Paper of the cover is high quality, so does black inner sleeves. Records themselves gives nice sensation of a neat production. It's more then I could ask for. Black and white picture fits perfectly with pinky dot on it. I couldn't imagine myself this record on pink vinyl though. That'll too much. Black with pink labels is just enough. All together fits music perfectly. Neat, proper, faultless release. Very tasty stuff, it'll stay in a menu for a while for sure.

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