Ovum - Split

I noticed Europe is quite closed culturally. We prefer movies of the west, art of the west, music of the west, even philosophy of the west. Sure, we know there are some funny Korean pop boys bands, Bollywood movies and japaneese anime. We also presume there are rock and metal bands somewhere there but we're not paying much attention really. Maybe we should? 

Ovum is a four piece band from Tokyo formed in 2006 as a prog rock instrumental group. Since the very beginning gentleman had a feeling something is missing in their sound. They found it eight years later during tour in Europe (western music I said?). Norikazu, Yu, Yosuke and Shin-ichi were enchanted by aggressive almost brutal prog metal sounds they heard on old continent. So they came back to Tokyo and started working on a "Nostalgia" album. Piece was released just a year ago but in April 2017 they decided to remind about themselves with 7" Split recorded with A Picture Of Her band.

You'll find "Cinder", the track from that release below. It's a super technical post metal piece of music. Lads still haven't decided to ask any vocalist to join their forces. I like it, who said you need one anyway? There is no boring moments here any singer would need to cover with his voice. Guitars are oscillating in a tremolo harmonies, drums are pure black magic and bass disturbs bottom frequencies with constant passages (Shin-ichi has probably seven fingers at his left hand, that's the only explanation!). 

Split is a good moment to stop for a second and check "Nostalgia" album again. Collection of three  long tracks, constant fight of heavy, thick riffs, quick drums and ground shaking bass. It's clear these guys were super proud of their new sound when they were recording this material. There is no time for boredom here, something is happening all the time. You can get it in two ways, as a background or just sit and focus. Both ways are tasty but being more involved in "Nostalgia" will bring you way more fun. It's like being a member of secret society. "Did everybody get this tiny detail of guitar solo or was it just me?"

Both issues were released in a simple way. Both having intriguing covers. Simple records are made very neat though, heavy and thick. Cover of the Split looks almost like a postcard that's how high quality print is on it. I like it's still 33RPM's it's less hassle. Sleeve of "Nostalgia" is glued in a old-fashioned way, flip back glue tabs outside and over glued with another layer again. I haven't seen this on any of modern releases. You know what I mean, 60' records were packaged this way and that's why we still have them. They were invincible. 

It's an amazing music to see live. (And try to count bassists fingers if you could only see them!) Well I have some good news! Ovum is coming to Europe at the end of the Summer to play few gigs so go and check will they visit your neighbourhood, cause this is one of the most interesting projects I've heard in some time!
I don't believe I'll be able to go to any of these (young daddy's dilemmas) but still can't wait what they'll bring back from Europe this time. Can't wait the next LP.

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