oG - Out of the Darkness

Digging through bandcamp.com isn't as easy as you may think.  What bandcamp.com really is you ask? It's a website for artists selling their music. You can browse by genre, country or format of release. You can buy single song and listen to it online without limits or get a hard copy, which will include digital anyway. You can support artist directly and that's the whole beauty of it. When I had my band, years ago, main problem wasn't really who will release it but who will distribute. Your first thought might be that it is a way for indie musicians only. Not really and this is a problem. Bandcamp is for young artists, artists not known because they're so indie but just not known in general so it is full of debuts. Sad to say also but bandcamp is full of pretty lousy music too. Digging through bandcamp.com is really some sort of talent hunting activity.

Sometimes though you can find albums, which are absolutely unknown even though they're world class in any aspect. 
As oG says whole piece "tells the story of Imma, a young goddess trapped in the Rounded Forest because she threatened the supremacy of Moloch on the World of Men. Initiated by the Snake King and the animals of the forest, she will find joy, wisdom and compassion but also magic, trickery and illusion, the astral secrets and the science of Numbers. At the end of her initiation, she will be knighted and guided to the Tree-Ear where she will cross the Darkness to re-enchant the world." And to be absolutely honest there is something magical in this music. Every song is at the right position of the track list, it all makes sense only together. With groovy "Imma", surrealistic "Joy of a Boy", "Astral Meadows", psychedelic "Mechanical Flamingo", oscillating between different styles Imma leads us through her journey. But even though this is one of the most even albums I had in a long time. There is absolutely no single bad song here, nothing I wouldn't like or want to skip. 
Its cover instantly jumped to the top of my personal list of best covers of all time. oG was inspired by illustrations of Wayne Anderson, world famous British book illustrator. Gatefold sleeve hides incredible storyboard of Imma's travel. Heavy black record with same, insanely beautiful label on it. Once someone asked me at which album cover I can look for hours and I said "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" then. In fact I spent way more time staring on those unrealistic pictures. They remind me my favorite books, illustrated by people who exactly knew how kid's imaginations works like. Illustrations, which creates dreams in young heads. 

This music without illustration is pointless. Illustrations without this music are flat. Together they did same thing with my brain as my old books from childhood. I was in a Rounded Forest getting secrets of science of Numbers with Imma. And I was same sad when it finished as then, whenever I was finishing a brilliant story. I have no idea how oG did this, where he took all those sounds from but I wish myself more albums like this one. 
It's a "must have" of any record collection!

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