The Bigness - Time Traveler

I have problem with female vocals. No that I don't like them. If there are three bands with a guy behind the microphone and all of them are singing in a same way I don't care. Another band with another singer. But when there is a girl singing I'm always concerned. Most of my favourite singers of all times are female. Jazz, rock, pop, even metal. There is something truly magical in women singing. But every brilliant female singer has thousand of followers trying to sing in a same manner. Why? Every time I'm finding new music with a girl in lineup I never know will I get someone trying to be someone else or will I get something new.

The Bigness description I saw said it "draws its inspiration from the greats, such as Patti Smith, Neil Young and many others, and has been compared to a modern-day Fleetwood Mac". Well I would probably add to the list groups like Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey or even Meg White with or without The White Stripes. After all I just wrote you might think you have an exact idea of how "Time Traveler" would sound like. But you'd be wrong.

We, the critics, love to compare debuts with other artists. It's easy. It makes us look like an experts also. Like someone who knows all that music so he can compare them. So OK let it be. There is Fleetwood Mac here. There is Patti Smith, Sonic Youth and all others. But Kristin Bigness is not another singer trying to follow them. Kristin Bigness is Kristin Bigness and makes all of those reviews pointless. Guitars are punky as Patti Smith Group, drums are sometimes fast and chaotic and messy as Sonic Youth and sometimes groovy like Fleetwood Mac. But then there is Kristin's voice stitches it all with her emotions. Making it so intimate and special. I'd love to see her live. Europe tour with a stop in Dublin would be nice.

"Time Traveler" was released in two formats. CD and vinyl. Blue one. Or is it blue? Cyan? I love it so much. Records like this are the reason why we collect vinyl. Fits the cover so nicely. All those constellations, the shore at night. All was designed by Kristin herself, photos were taken by hers husband and The Bigness lead guitar player John Bueno. Beautiful piece of art. I love how it looks like on my music station, the cover and the record on the platter. I'm only not really sure is it sound better than digital version. Both sounds great but is vinyl better? I also would like to have lyrics booklet in a size of record cover but this is just being picky.

It's one of my favourite debuts of last year. Great piece of music in a beautiful package. It's your must have record, something you'd be proud of, one of those vinyl in your collection you'll show of with.

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