Join Me In The Pines - Inherit

There is something about deers we love. They're fashionable now. It's in good taste to have a t-shirt with deer's head, or a tattoo with antlers. Maybe it's all about their majestic posture. How mysterious they are. I will never forget first time I saw a skeleton of a giant Irish deer in natural history museum in Dublin.
So I stopped for a moment when I saw that record's cover. I was digging through thousands of albums on bandcamp. Who said to not judge by the cover? Artist from Dublin, Ireland, so it is a giant Irish deer, inviting me from the cover, saying "Join Me In The Pines". I accepted the invitation.

I loved the release so much I haven't even check who is responsible for the project. I just wanted to possess that object. Mat cover with that majestic creature, growing over village. Who said to not judge by the cover?! Inside there is nicely heavy record, with labels someone looked after with a same attention as rest of the release. They're beautiful. I gave it a spin. My first thought was that as an album it's uneven. But it isn't true. Every song here is different than others. Starting with minimalistic "Mezzanine" with synth pop keyboards, through "Joy is a Lion" with choirs which reminds me of Mumford and Sons, melancholic "Golden Guilt", dark "In the Ground", bluesy, The Black Keys-like "Man with a Mission", someone is leading us into his hidden place, somewhere in the pines... Sometimes it's cheerful, sometimes mysterious, sometimes dark and creepy. Every single song is different than others but in a same time they're all exactly same. They're very intimate, someone wrote them for me, and for me only. Someone wanted me to join him in the pines. Sit next to him at the fire while he will tell me all those stories. And that someone is an amazingly mature artist. Is that a debut? No way! Who is that lad?

Then I checked who is responsible for the project. David Geraghty. Creator of a legendary Juniper band, known mostly as a band where Damien Rice started his career. Later David created Bell X1, and released two solo albums at his name. Third one, as "Join Me In The Pines". That explained everything.

"Inherit" is an amazing piece of music. Eclectic and hypnotising and very pleasant. I absolutely love it. My wife does even more. Vinyl release sounds great. 180g record is made with attention to details many mainstream labels should learn from. Mix is excellent, David's voice whispers his songs straight to my ear. Printed inner sleeve contain all lyrics and a huge reprint of calligraphic logo of the project. Cover is a masterpiece. Who said to not judge by the cover?!? Rubbish! If someone look after the cover of the album as much you might be sure he did look after the music with a same

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